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You're Curious About CBD, but now what?

There are a variety of different forms of CBD oil that you can utilize. You can use CBD oil in many ways: orally, topically, sublingually, or as an inhalant. Let’s look at each way one by one to help you to navigate the CBD oil maze.

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Sublingual Use

Sublingual application of CBD oil is right for you if you are looking to feel the effects quick. Sublingual application means that you are taking the CBD oil under your tongue where your saliva can dissolve it and absorb it into your bloodstream. This way, the absorption process bypasses your digestive tract and you can experience the effects much faster. 

To take CBD oil sublingually, you would place the CBD oil drops under your tongue, hold it for at least 30 seconds, then swallow the remaining. 


Oral Ingestion

The easiest way to use CBD oil orally is to purchase CBD oil capsules or Soft Gels. It is very similar to taking any other supplements. Since capsules and soft gels come in pre-measured sizes, it is very easy to monitor your dosage. They also don’t have a taste so you don’t have to worry about not liking it.  Our soft gels are also water-soluble and offer rapid absorption in comparison to other types of capsules.

Topical Application

Topical application of CBD oil is particularly popular and easy for joint pain, sore muscles, and other body pains. You can find lotions, creams, body butters, and even skincare.

Your skin has many receptors and can effectively absorb CBD oil and provide benefits where you need it. If you are using a cream or other topical forms of CBD oil, make sure you let your skin fully absorb the CBD before washing it.

Inhalation Use 

Lastly, you may also use CBD oil by inhaling it via a vaporizer. If you are new to both vaping and CBD oil, this is not the best choice for you. However, if you are already familiar with vaporizers, it may prove to be a good option. 

First, you have to make sure to find the right vaporizer that’s built with CBD oil consistency in mind. Next, you can buy an e-juice cartridge with CBD oil to pop into your vaporizer. 

When you are vaping, a higher concentration of CBD oil is entering your bloodstream. You can feel the effects very quickly, however, the effects may also leave your bloodstream just as fast.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

When it comes to the best way to take CBD oil and the right dose, you have to remember that everyone is different. Choose the method that you feel most comfortable with. You may also combine a variety of methods, for example, utilizing sublingual CBD oil for sleep and anxiety, while trying the topical application for muscle soreness. 

When it comes to dosage, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. How much CBD oil you need and how often depends on the concentration of CBD oil, the form of CBD oil, your body weight, your individual body chemistry, your specific health conditions, and your personal goals. As your body’s physiology changes, the receptors in your ECS do too. This means that optimal CBD dosages will also shift throughout your life as your body and health changes.

Use these tables and dosage recommendations as a suggestion and adjust your dose according to how you feel. It is always a good idea to start out with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed. It is also recommended to talk to your healthcare professional to see what methods and dosage may be safe for you.

Many believe that CBD oil is the new multivitamin. Instead of only taking it when you have a problem for pain relief, you can take it regularly to support your endocannabinoid system. Using CBD oil can become part of your regular wellness routine along with other nutrition and lifestyle strategies to boost your health and allow you to live the life you deserve.

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